CLIENTS INCLUDE: The Wheeler Centre, TEDx, The School of Life, WeDontHaveTime, UNEP, and Earth Day Network. 

- Live-drawing captures the top take-aways of your event's keynote speakers
- On-site caricaturing provides a unique momento for your event's guests
- GRAPHIC RECORDING summarises your event in animated or still graphic form
Graphic recording of Yumi Sakugawa's webinar titled "How to meditate, make friends with boredom, and sit through your uncomfortable emotions and feelings", June 2021.
A selection of images from the Earth Day Broadcast, 2022, for We Don't Have Time, Sweden, taken from 6 hours of continuous drawing and graphic recording.
"Megan Herbert’s drawings have become an important part of our communication during our global digital climate events. Her pen moves fast without sacrificing quality, her quotes are on the spot, and the drawings are highly appreciated by both our digital audience and our speakers." 
- INGMAR RENTZHOG, Founder, WeDontHaveTime
A selection of images from A Rational Fear Live at the Melbourne Forum, as part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival, 2022.
A selection of live-drawn images from the Voices of Kooyong event prior to the announcement of Dr Monique Ryan's candidacy, November 2021.
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You can view a video example of me caricaturing live HERE.
A selection of live-drawings for Circularity and the Race To Zero, for We Don't Have Time, September 24, 2021.
Live-drawings for the online broadcast of the 2020 Victorian Premier's Literary Awards, presented by The Wheeler Centre, February 1, 2021
A small selection of the 80 images live-drawn throughout the The New Yorker Festival, broadcast virtually in October 2020. 
A selection of live-drawings from Malcolm Gladwell's conversation with The School of Life, Utrecht, Netherlands, November 24, 2019.
A selection of live-drawings from the World Environment Day broadcast, for We Don't Have Time and UNEP, June 5th, 2020.
Images (drawn remotely from a live broadcast) were then projected in real time behind the speakers from the main stage in Sweden.
Live-drawings of Elizabeth Gilbert x The School of Life Amsterdam, Utrecht, September 21st 2019.
After the event, Elizabeth shared the images on Instagram to her 1 million followers. 
Live-drawing ABC's "Q + A" Program
A selection of live-drawings from the World Earth Day broadcast, 2020, for Earth Day Network and We Don't Have Time, April 23rd-24th, 2020.
Alain de Botton x The School of Life, Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 12th 2019
TEDxUniversityofAmsterdam, "In Search Of Truth", November 4th 2019
Fashion Clash Festival, Maastricht, Netherlands, November 1-3 2019
Iceland Writers Retreat, Reykjavik, Iceland April 13-17th 2016

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