Six gift wrapping papers for the discerning giver. The GIVING collection of wrapping paper and gift cards looks at ways of giving and receiving that go beyond mere commercialism, to encourage the expression of more sincere and thoughtful forms of generosity. Intimacy, Communication, Challenge, Economy, Time and Guidance explore ways to fully and creatively express love and gratitude in the gifts that we give. INTIMACY – ‘Know me so well’ Intimacy is a gift that continues to grow the more we feed it. COMMUNICATION – ‘Talk to me’ Communicating via actions says much more than mere words. CHALLENGE – ‘Believe in me’ Accept the challenge to get more out of everything offered to you. ECONOMY – ‘Save me’ Make something old new to demonstrate the true value of economy. TIME – ‘Spend time on me’ To give your time is to give the ultimate expression of love. GUIDANCE – ‘Guide me’ The gift of guidance is the gift of bravery and truth. Presenting gift cards for the discerning giver. These gift cards, made to match the six designs of the GIVING range of gift wrapping papers, are offered here to you as the ideal accompaniment for your carefully wrapped treasures. Gift tags are 7.5 x 11 cm and come complete with a white envelope, all packaged in a cellophane slip.

Challenge, gift card
Communication, gift card
Economy, gift card
Guidance, gift card
Intimacy, gift card
Time, gift card
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